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Every day at uventex Labs is met with excitement!

We find an opportunity to enrich the way you run your next event in every step.

We bring technology to all aspects of event management, revolutionizing the experience with the best product quality and outstanding customer care.

We create the environment where every achievement is recognized in real time, where sponsors reward the fine sportsmanship,

and where every event producer focuses on the sizzle they never had time for.

Who we are

Not only we love sport, we love technology! What can be a better mix?! With a dedicated team of specialist, top customer service, and new features added every day, we are the top choice for any event management needs. Keeping every event close to our heart, our team works around the clock to make you proud!

What we do

Working with every customer is a journey. We learn every detail about your event and create a perfect technology to automate all your event processes. We don’t settle on Registration. We automate your whole event. Sport events, seminars, banquets, mega events, online stores, league management, certification, – and if you have a different type of event, we will provide a solution for it.

Why us

With every new feature we make sure that our solution is always the best. We consider every event an honor to assist with and always listen to the needs of the event. Why us? Because no other team will deliver better service and quality product with you in mind.


sky is the limit
Uventex Labs provides a professional appearance and automation that enhances every event! provides a complete solution to any event type.  The platform is designed to enhance revenue opportunities through online merchandise sales as well as options for integrating with social media, direct marketing, and advertising. is built to provide sophisticated event management while being user-friendly.
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frequently asked questions

What kind of events are supported at

We support many different types of events: sport events, banquets, seminars, trainings, camps, private lessons, etc. Our product supports registration, tickets and merchandise sales, robust reporting, staff management, event coordination and planning, hotel accommodations sales, event website and much more.

What sport events can we run with your technology?

We have ample experience running different sports. We run most of the olympic sport events and disciplines, as well as non-olympic. Importantly, we are happy to adopt a new one if we do not already have it. Please reach out to us at

I’d like to set up an event with ticket sales only. Is this possible?

Not only an event with ticket sales only is possible, but we also have a seating chart, discounts, pass print outs are available with reporting at your finger tips. If this is a banquet, we provide also smart seating arrangement and management to automatically seat participants with manual adjustments if needed.

Do you support different pricing periods?

Yes, our product allows managing as many pricing periods as needed. Prices also can be differentiated by different criteria.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Any events can be set up to accept any type of payment – cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks. We have adopted several payment gateways and are flexible in adjusting to your needs. An event can be setup as credit card or cash payment only as well. Payments can also be accepted in different currencies.

Is it possible to issue refunds?

All refunds are easily processed with a click of a button by the promoter or authorized staff member. A receipt is immediately sent to the customer. Partial and Full refunds are reflected in all relevant reports.

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