Sport Events


Uventex Labs has simplified registration. Once you create an account, you use the same account to register for one or multiple events, saving you time.


No need to do the math, with easy and customized scorekeeping and bracketing, we will run your competition. Our state of the art scorekeeping simplifies scoring to just a couple of clicks.

Real Time Tracking

Never be late for an event. See real time progress, status and results day of the event. Our software will even text and/or email you changes that impact you during the event.

Event Coordination

Our ring management will help keep your event running smooth and efficient. Easy track the progress of your event with scheduling and smart estimate of end time.


Boost your brand or product by increasing your visibility to reach thousands of qualified participants. Advertisements can be placed on a variety of pages such as landing page, logins, registration, winner’s screen and many more. Create a customized advertising campaign to maximize your exposure.


View instant rankings and ratings in real time. Available for leagues with multiple regions too!


Display certification materials for your participants’ convenience. Create exams and track results electronically in one centralized location.

Staff Management

Using our staff management view you will be able to quickly add, view, move and check in your staff. You will even have the ability to email and/or text your staff at the click of a button.