Complete Automation

Uventex Labs provides complete Event and Studio automation, emphasizing personalization and our cutting edge technology.

Adoption and Scalability

Management tools are intuitive and highly scalable. Adoption is supported with unlimited training and customer support.


Advertise throughout many components in both platforms, including video streaming, social media, registration, shopping, customer communications, and more!

Uventex Labs strives to cater to customers of all languages

We speak: English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, and Turkish.


We can adapt our system
to add even more languages!


Event Management

Easily automate your Event, from Registration to Live Scoring.

Studio Management

Personalize your business functions and intuitively manage your Studio.

An online hub for Event Promotion, Profile Management, and Registration.

Digital Platform

A complete digital ecosystem, integrating events, studios, advertising, news, and cross platform promotion.

Virtual Competition

Bring your game anywhere; instant upload and professional scoring.


Create custom advertisements throughout our platforms.


Uventex Labs was founded in 2013 by Moshe and Tatiana Gershberg as an innovative and daring company, powering sports events with the latest, most robust event management technology. In August of 2019, we officially launched our Studio Management Platform to power dojos, studios, gyms, and fitness centers with the best technology. We are now preparing to launch our most cutting edge technology to date: The Uventex Digital Platform. Our Digital Platform is the complete realization of an integrated sport and activity ecosystem, marrying event promotion and registration, studio management and registration, and news creation and interactivity. Our mission is to invest our hearts and souls into our technology to expand our versatility, disrupt traditions, and invent the future.

15,000,000+In CC Sales
Uventex Labs Supports Philanthropy!

We partner with charities to improve and support our community. Uventex Labs loves to make a difference. Contact us to help run your charity event today!

Our hearts belong to you.
There is no greater honor than running your event.
Let us be a part of your charity event too.

What kind of events and studios are supported at
We support ONLINE and LIVE events, banquets, seminars, training camps, private lessons, Studios and more! We are flexible and offer the best solution for your specific needs. See more here: Custom Solutions for Your Events and Studios.
We would like to use Uventex Labs logo on our uniform, promotional material and event banners. Where can we get this material?
Please email us at with this request and inform us about the use of our logo. Once you receive an approval from your team, please go to Uventex Labs Marketing Materials - Logos.
I'd like to set up an event with ticket sales only. Is this possible?
Yes, we also have a seating chart discounts, pass printouts, and smart seating arrangement and management.
What sport events can we run with your technology?
We have ample experience running different sports. We run most Olympic sport events and disciplines, as well as non-Olympic sports.
Is it possible to issue refunds?
All refunds are processed by an authorized staff member. A receipt is immediately sent to the customer.
I am an Event Promoter and have questions about my event, what do I do?
Please email us at with any and all questions regarding your event. You can also send a message directly from your account at
I am a Competitor/Coach/Spectator and I have a question about my registration for an event, what do I do?
Please email us at with any and all questions regarding your registration. You can also send a message directly from your account at
Which payment methods do you accept?
Events can accept any type of payment - cash, credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and checks.

For any inquiries, questions, or recommendations, please fill out the form below. We love hearing from you; whether a simple suggestion, inquiry, or an opportunity you would like to discuss!